Placing all your hopes on 2020?

Can’t wait for 2019 to end? Are you feeling the excitement of the birth of a new year yet? Is the anticipation of all your favorable prophecies to come true, all your miseries to abide, all your depression to disappear giving you an extra jump in your step? Hoping that 2020 is finally going to be the year? The year when it is all going to make sense?

Take a deep breath. Let’s sit down, press the pause button on the merriment and read on to know a widely-known-but-not-spoken-out-aloud secret that is going to change your life dramatically when 2020 begins. Ready for it? Ok, brace yourself. So when the clock chimes 12 on 31st night, and the new year begins say this mantra to yourself for you are sure to be benefited. “The new year is -just another day”. After all the partying is done, you are going to realize it anyway on the morning of January 1st. The only thing special about it is that it follows December 31st. I mean, it even falls on a WEDNESDAY, what can be more ordinary than that?

Don’t look at me as if I am the new year’s Scrooge, but the thing with most of us is, we put all our expectations, hopes, desires, our everything on the coming of the new year and wait with bated breath hoping that somehow the new year is going to change our lives.

We cross our fingers, pray hard, search for horoscopes, explore sun signs, moon signs, star signs, and all kind of signs to show us that 2020 will be the year which will get us all that we have ever pined for in our lives. Even our wishes will show the hope we have in our heart, “May the year bring you happiness, joy and everything you want for!”. Too much pressure to put on earth right?

I mean, what we are actually hoping is that earth taking this yet another revolution around the sun will somehow make us get the job that we really want, help us to meet our soulmate,  finally live the life we have only dreamt about, or at least get the life similar to that of a friend’s who we have secretly envied. We all want to be Annamalais, who becomes a millionaire right after the song Vetrinichiyam. You know that ain’t going to happen as soon as we enter the 2020 right?

So, my point is, let’s not  put all our hopes and dreams on the new year and make it all about our poor planet’s travel plans. Let’s spread it around at least. Let’s place our bets on ourselves, do a little more than what we are currently doing, hope for the best and continue to stride on. I think secretly all that we are all looking for is an end, to start something new. Strange but it is what it is. We are looking for a fresh start. We want to see the better version of ourselves when a new something begins. No harm in that. Applaudable, you may even add. 

But if you felt 2019 was cruel to you, and can’t wait to rush into the new year hoping that 2020 will get you out of the rut hole you are in, take a deep breath. And another one. Another one now. One more. Know that you are still breathing. Realize it. As long as you are breathing, know that you have a purpose to fulfill. Try finding it out and go towards that on Wednesday. Keep reminding yourself that no one can remain on bottom all the time. It is only natural the wheel will turn. May take it’s time, because we have to pedal it along, but it will turn. So pedal it along slowly. Don’t compare yourself to any one’s life. Continue to make small changes in your life. It maybe a small step, but it will matter to you in the long run.

So as 31 December ends, do rejoice earth’s continuous movement, but also celebrate the fact that you are alive, moving and have everything in your hands to change your life’s course the way you want to. And when you change your course, that would be a real celebration. Even if it happens on a Wednesday. To new happenings. Cheers!




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