10 resolutions that are SUPER achievable for the new year

We are approaching the new year so are you thinking up some resolutions guys? Is it the age old – yoga everyday, gym thrice a week or donate to charity? For some, following up on resolutions are as easy as baking a cake, for others..it is as difficult as baking a cake. Mindset matters, I mean. So for this 2020, why not shake things up a bit and not make resolutions for yourself? Make them about our planet and see if you can do your little bit to leave the earth nicer for your little ones.

If you are hard up on ideas, try these super achievable resolutions which are good for the environment. 

  1. Resolve to shop responsibly 
    We are leaving a carbon footprint every time we take our car out. And for every time we shop for the extra pair of tshirt that we don’t need and will end up in the waste bin, we are adding to the mountain of cloth-trash.

  2. Use a smaller plate when at a buffet (or at home)
    Less food wastage. Run towards the dessert plate!

  3. Think big
    When you buy in bulk, like bigger rice/pulses bag, there is less waste disposal to throw away. 

  4. Switch off all appliances before you sleep.
    The average home spends about $100 annually on standby power, the power we don’t even use. (eg- TV switched off with a remote or anything that is not switched off at the wall)

  5. Flush only when needed.
    Fascinating fact – toilet flushing is the single highest use of water in the average home. 
    Like they say, if it’s not yellow, let it mellow . If that grosses you out, at least don’t flush unnecessarily!

  6. Don’t buy one time use plastics. 
    Doesn’t apply to only straws and cups. Think about the packing materials which the item you buy comes in. Think twice before choosing an item.

  7. Buy reusable cloth towels instead of paper towels
    Softer on the skin, so think about it!

    How about some easy resolutions for self health? (Don’t worry, I am not going to harp on eating healthy and exercising)

  8. Take back control of your personal data online.
    Do you really have to leave your print everywhere? 
  9. Get enough sleep.
    That means 7-9 hours for an adult. 
  10. Spend less time on phone everyday. 
    The only way to save yourselves!

    So what do you think? Easy to achieve, am I right? There are so many things we can do to help the environment. Living responsibly is something huge. Start small and be the change you want to see. Oh and can you come up with some resolutions of your own to do your bit for the planet?

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