Toxic friendships

Friendship like love has always been overhyped. “Friendships than sothu (treasure) nammaku”, we have heard people dancing and emoting to. Unfortunately, they fail to mention the type of friends here. Like there is toxic love, friendships can be as toxic as hell.

So how do you recognize a toxic friend? It’s kinda easy, if you are really paying attention.

A “good” friend has told me this before – ‘If you end up always feeling bad after you are in a conversation with a so-called-friend, he/she cannot be good for your life’. Who talks anymore, you ask? Well, it could be a whatsapp message which ends up in you doubting yourself, their condescending manner of response…it could be anything – it’s just the way they make you feel. Once you make you realization – break free from them, run away!

You are better off without them in your life. These are people who might be secretly jealous of you, who think you are great and want to be like you but know they couldn’t, or it could even be that they don’t value you enough to see how a comment or a thoughtless message might hurt you, If they have done some good to you in the past, and hence you feel you are indebted to them, also remember you have been kind to them in the past. A line for a line, history is done. In the present, keep your distance, and try not to get too close to be affected by their thoughtless behavior. The sooner you get out of a bad relationship, the better for you.

And remember, you will not be alone in the future. Do not be afraid. Your real people who make you smile, will stick by you. You have enough problems, if you can get rid of one easily, do it.

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  1. Neelamegan PACKIRISAMY
    December 23

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