Lock down – Just another day

India’s lockdown day #24.

Just another day for the 70 year old grandmas and grandpas sitting inside their living room, reading a book or watching TV for the sake of passing time, while secretly longing for a call or visit from their kids and grand kids.

It is yet another normal day for all the tiny kids who have been home schooled and playing indoors due to their rare immunocompromised condition, long before this Covid-19 came into existence. 

Just another day for the pregnant lady who had been advised to be on complete bed rest for 3 months due to a complication in her pregnancy, with only bathroom trips as her time away from bed.

It is yet another day for the always-busy dad who had undergone a heart surgery and has been staring at the 4 yellow walls of his house contemplating life and big decisions.

It is yet another cooped up day for that youth who is not sure of their gender and is not ready to face their world of friends as a girl, while inside they feel like a boy, and has remained indoors for a month now.

It is just another day for the woman who has been abused emotionally and physically by her husband, and stays locked away from the eyes of the outer judging world, waiting for a chance to escape her life in hell. 

It is just another normal day for the man who committed a sin in the eyes of law, and is locked away, counting the days to be free again to see his 5 year old daughter who loves him to death.

It is yet another routine day for the 80 year senior who lost his wife and lives by himself, keeping his sanity alive, thanks to books and talking to his daughter living abroad, over the phone.

It is just another usual day for the 6 year old boy who has autism, who is enveloped in his own free world, not able to make sense of the changes happening around him but tries to adjust bravely because his caregiver says so.

It is yet another normal day for the 35 year old mom who always lives everyday of her life filled with dread because her severely immunity compromised 2 year old daughter having Nephrotic Syndrome, might catch a bug which might prove life threatening to her.

It is yet another day for the 40 year old man, who was fired from work and remains locked up in the non-judgmental walls of his house, fervently applying to different jobs, anxiously awaiting for a ray of hope.

It is another normal day for all senior citizens in the old age home, who remain socially isolated either voluntarily or involuntarily, but continue to keep their happiness alive by talking to each other about news from around the world, and through their slow walks around the house.

It is just another day for the homemaker, who stays in the house every day of the week, doing all chores around the house, but still wears a tired smile on her face, in spite of not getting any recognition for the work she does, except for memes being made to mock her.

It is just another day for all the people who have lost a loved one in their life and stay in their bed forever, with only memories for company. 

It is just another day for the dedicated doctors and surgeons who always work tirelessly to save their critical care patients, mindless of their own health, family or time.

It is just another day for people who have been feeling so depressed for some reason which others might not understand, and have been avoiding all their friends and relatives and have remained indoors while longing for a way out of their inner misery.

Hoping the lockdown will help us all understand every person’s fight and be kind to each other. A lot of us have been locked down inside for a long time, even before Covid-19 came into existence. Our struggles might be different but the solution for them is the same. Kindness and understanding trumps all.


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