Getting ready to go out..

Its evening time. Mr&Ms are getting ready to meet their friends for dinner. Mr has still not taken bath and is in his casual shorts and tshirt,  playing candycrush on phone. Ms is getting ready with such a fervor.

Ms: Hon, when are you gonna get ready??

Mr: Soon.

After 15min

Ms: Is this black dress ok?

Mr: Yep!

Ms: You never looked up! Mr come on, tell me!

Mr: (looking up) yes, like I said its great!

Ms: Hmm…probably I should try that blue dress I bought last weekend. That’s new.Wait I’ll try that.

Mr: (goes back to phone)

After 15min..

Ms: How about this? I think this blue dress is shorter than the black one..and it has laces on it which is beautiful! I bought it mainly for that! Don’t you think its nice? The black one however was plain but it was a cute always like me in that black dress.. but this is brand new..I don’t know..what do you think?

Mr: Its nice!

Ms: Which one? This blue number or the black one?

Mr: Both are nice.

Ms: But you said the black one was great..but for this blue dress you said it was just should I put the black dress for the night?

Mr: You will look good in anything. Both are good.

Ms: How can I look good in anything? hmmm…I think I should go with the black one…but before that…can you take a selfie of me?

Mr: Selfie is where you take it yourself…what you ar..

Ms:(cuts him short) I know..I know, just take a pic of me!

Mr: (clicks) Here you go.

Ms: Hmm..,.this looks good. Wait I’ll try the yellow shorts and the HM top. That might be nice.

Mr: (no answer)

After 10min..

Ms:’s this now? Better? Hey, you go get ready too.

Mr: Yes.

Ms:  Did you say yes for getting ready? Or for this outfit?

Mr: Outfit of course.

Ms: Ok, take a selfie of me in this.

Mr:(clicks. Didn’t mention the ‘selfie’ part this time)

Ms: Ugh, my thighs are huge in this..what do you think?

Mr:(knows enough to remain silent)

Ms: Well, I will try the black number again…my mind keeps going back to that. I think you liked that the best.

Mr: Sweetheart, I said you looked great in everything. Wear what you like the best.

Ms: No..I like the blue dress the best. But you said I was great in that black number..for others it was just nice..see what you did!! You made me change 3 outfits!! Ugh. I guess I should wear the black dress (storms into room to try the black number). At least you go get ready.

Mr: I..what? (continues to play with phone)

After 15min..

Ms: Ok, what do you say now?  I should have just decided to go with what I liked from the beginning…but you confused me. Anyways, is this better now?

Mr: Definitely better! I love it! You look amazing in this!

Ms: (gives a sharp look and notices he has not taken bath yet) YOU STILL HAVEN’T TAKEN BATH?? Come on, go get ready!!

Mr: (Scurries up fast hoping to avoid another dress question)

In 10min..

Mr: Ok sweetheart, I am all ready, lets go!

At the restaurant, Mr&Ms’ friends are waiting outside the restaurant for 30min.

Friends: Whats the holdup? We were waiting for you for 30min..the waiter refused to assign the table if half the party is missing.

Ms: ITS ALL HIS FAULT! He took bath sooooo late!!..kept playing with his phone all the time! I had told him so many times to get ready but still he didn’t! What can I do? Really, I apologize for him!

Mr: (blinks)


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  1. Aishu
    June 23

    I have just read 2 posts so far and it is awesome 😀 But I have to admit, Mr& Ms story felt soooo real 😛

  2. Anuradha
    July 6

    Padhu.. too much drama…i think Mr. should be given a Nobel or some worthy award to have even endured those minutes of Mrs. getting ready…drama queen

    • padhs2k
      July 10

      Anu – so what if Ms is a drama queen? After all the world’s a stage and we are all actors and actresses 😉 And Mr doesn’t need Nobel award just for this! Btw, this is just a fantasy story, you do know that right 🙂 ?

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