A cup of guilt anyone?

DSC_0083Wondering what a cup of guilt is? It’s guilt delivered sweetly by our near and dear ones, and many a times by our not-so-near-and-dear ones too..They would try to make us feel guilty over something or the other. So what you say? Well, sometimes, this would make us feel tingly all over and make us change our ways.

Now this change can either be for the good or for the bad. “I am strong, no one can make me feel guilty and make me change my ways”, to all those who think that,  I have news for you. Sometimes, when we receive the cup, we don’t realize what it is and drink it up nicely as if its rose milk. That’s because when we are offered the cup of guilt, it would be a subtle act. It would typically be an action of kindness, mixed with a dash of guilt-inducing syrup delivered neatly to us. And some times it would be right in the face like, “How can you do this unspeakable thing, you moron?!”.

Still don’t get the idea? Here’s an example. Many of us don’t even realize what our passion is and do what our parents want us to do. The reason? We feel guilty when we decide against their wishes. A friend of mine wanted to study Arts. She was good in grades and so her wish to study Arts didn’t go well with her parents. Every chance her mom got, she would say, “We did everything you wanted, gave you all luxury you asked for, but why can’t you do a little thing we want?” and sometimes “You are a big girl, you will make the right decision. You know not to worry your parents”. Long story short, she studied B.E. See what I mean by subtle?

So there you have it..I think all relationships bring guilt into the picture and sometimes make us do what they want us to do. Crazy right? Can’t believe it exists in all relationships? You pick a relation and I will show you an example. And don’t think only women are capable of this. Nope, men do it all the time too. In how many homes husbands will get their way of weekend plans by stating, “I had a really long week. Really need to get some time for relaxation..I get “only” 2 days for myself. Do you want to deprive me of that freedom?”. And now the wives, agree to the hubby’s plans for the weekend. (and for all those who are wondering, nope, this never happens to me :))

So yeah, we know a cup of guilt can go a long way. So I thought why not give a cup of guilt myself? But mine won’t be subtle act. It would be a straight in the face kind. So if a cup of guilt can change ways, I was hoping we can use it for the good. Hope you agree with me. See you in next post.

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  1. k vasanthakumari
    June 26

    Sometimes youngster don’t know what is good for themselves. So the parents guide them which may sometime go wrong.but I accept that all relationship induce their wishes and expectations to others and expect them to follow. This has been done since the stone age. At least now,the present generation can change the system.being read your blog,I am also feeling cup of guilt.

  2. lapa
    June 27

    How it could be avoided in the future?Think and throw some light which would not infuse guilt to their followers/generations.
    Time immemorial the “cup of guilt” is beng experinced by all and all the intellect says
    ” live in the present”

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