Who’s up for chores?

Another ordinary day. Mr and Ms, at their favorite coffee shop. They had placed their order ten minutes back and were waiting in no hurry for their number to be called.

Ms – …and so Ruchi was complaining for an hour about how her husband doesn’t do anything around the house. Thank God Neelam came by just then to ask me a question! But still..it got me thinking, w….

Mr (interrupting Ms) – Hm hmm. Neelam’s good.

Ms (shot a tired glance) – Has two kids. Anyway, I was saying…we are gonna get married in a month’s time. I don’t want to be complaining about you to someone else.

Mr (with eyes twinkling) – Oh! So you are gonna stop talking to your friends after marriage?

Ms –  Nope. Bettera try panu. Anyway, I was thinking we talk about house chores now and how to split them up.

Mr (groans) –  Of course kandipa! Oh..waitaminute, hold your thoughts, I just remembered! I have to mail Gopi the report I was working on today morning. I will be back in a flash (in low tones) after an hour, and then we can continue our interesting talk.

Ms  (shoots a sideways look).

Mr (sighs) – Okok..let’s see. Why don’t you make a list? Women are good at that.

Ms- See, that’s exactly what I don’t want to be doing.

Mr – What? Making a list??

Ms – Noo!! Being expected to do something because of some crazy person’s generalized idea of a woman. Not all women are the same. But…it does remind me of this roommate I had, who put up a chore list every week and made sure we stuck to it. I had never been so excited to hear of a person’s marriage than her’s. I literally had tears in my eyes that day.

Mr – So touching. No list it is then! So let’s just veto a chore we want to pass, deal? Let’s see,..who’s gonna do cooking?

Ms – Hmm, I don’t mind. Butt..we should take turns.

Mr – Sure I like cooking too. Doing dishes?

Ms  – Veto!!

Mr – Ow, Veto!

Ms – I said Veto first!

Mr – Paara. Kaala ongi oru mithi mithichitu ‘veto’nu kathina othuka mudiyathu, your honour.

Ms – Poda! I cared enough to stomp your foot to Veto this. I earned this.

Mr – Shappppaa..we will buy lots of pans to avoid doing dishes. Okya? So next, mowing the lawn?

Ms – Umm..I thought that was a man’s job?

Mr – Which man? Anyway I hate to do man’s jobs. Am a menist.

Ms (rolls eyes) – So I guess our lawn isn’t going to get mowed anytime soon.

Mr – Well, you can do it if you want.

Ms – Next..laundry?

Mr – Um..I do hate that..Hmm..you know..I can’t decide what I hate more, doing dishes or laundry..tough one there..

Ms – Feel you bro. Me too same emotion.

Mr – How about gardening? Not a woman’s thing?

Ms – Sema joke! Veto.

Mr –  Righto! Cleaning…vacuuming?

Ms – 3 months once. May be? What do you think?

Mr – In rotation. Ironing?

Ms – Do we need to?

Mr – Good question. Next.

Ms (guffaws) – That proves we are made for each other after all! Do you think it’s just us or do other couples talk like this?

Mr – Cha cha. They are busy fighting. We are the awesome avoiders with least expectations in their partners.

Ms – Absolutely. Hey listen..isn’t that our order number they are shouting out in front?

Mr and Ms look at each other.

Mr & Ms (in unison) – Veto!!

Laughing at themselves, they walked hand in hand to get their order to their table..



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  1. Anonymous
    January 1

    You did not discuss on who will grind the flour

    • padhs2k
      January 7

      The job gets done, that’s all that matters 😉

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