Double standards, double standards everywhere!

Some WHYs on my mind today…Are they in your’s too?



1. … people view a man who calls himself a feminist with revered, admiring eyes; but are remarkably judgmental of a woman who calls herself a feminist? Totally wrong, dude!

2. … a divorced woman is invariably looked upon as the victim, and a divorced man almost always the one at fault? Sorry to burst your bubble, not all women are angels from heaven!

3. people use kind, encouraging words while critiquing their friend’s talent in FB – but never think twice before hurling harsh words about a newly released film, born out of a stranger’s talent? Why is that may I ask, or no, ask yourself.

4. … parents don’t take their kids to an “A” certificate movie, as the violent scenes might affect their kid’s spongy brain; but don’t think twice before taking them to “U” tagged, masala movies, where the world revolves around the hero, where women are treated as space fillers and are there just to give comfort and unconditional love to the “hero”. I wonder whether the script writers ever think about ‘their’ kids when they pen their story..

5. … when a father plays with his kids or feeds them lunch or parents them in anyway, people look at him with adoring eyes and drool about what an awesome parent he is; but when they see a mother do the same, they don’t bat an eye? Because in “your” eyes, a mother is “expected” to parent but not so for the dad? 

6. … when a man succeeds in a workplace, they think it is due to his impeccable brain but when a woman raises up the corporate ladder, they think it’s because of her being a “woman“? Somehow it’s difficult for few men to accept a woman has a brain, which functions the same way as theirs. 

7. … we have this uncanny habit to forget (dead) people’s faults and highlight their positives while delivering eulogies or writing tributes – but do the exact opposite when it actually makes a difference? Crazy, right?

8. … ‘Mr.Universe’ conducted as an international contest for body builders where a person’s “muscle power and strength” is given importance — and ‘Miss Universe‘ conducted as an international beauty pageant, where importance is given to “slenderness and beauty”? Don’t you think, given the fact that women need to eat more and build their muscle power to be physically strong enough as men, media should promote a “Strong” body image for Ms.Universe?!?

9. … people feel more comfortable watching skimpily clad ladies jumping around in a movie, but are easily disturbed seeing a woman breastfeed in public? No words.

10. … people rail against politicians for fooling the “innocent” people and swindling money; but don’t feel bad to show false numbers while registering their newly bought house? It’s easy pointing the finger the other way, right?

11. … people who believe in God, don’t call themselves atheists, upon seeing other believers do crazy things in the name of God – but, when it comes to feminism, they want to renounce being called a feminist, because they see others doing crazy things they don’t relate to? Strange, yet true.

12. … people don’t acknowledge upper caste privileges (social, economic and cultural) that they have accumulated over centuries – due to which they are dominant in most places like cricket, private and corporate sector, English-language media, TV and film industry (which are places where there is no reservation) — but only speak about Dalit’s privileges in politics and government institutions? First step is to acknowledge, then understanding follows next.


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  1. Points 5 and 6.Totally agree!
    You have come up with an interesting list.

    • padhs2k
      July 14

      Hey thanks Subha! And welcome to my blog! As for double standards against women, that would make a completely different list, a list that can go on forever…where women are discriminated in more ways than one.

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