was saravanan’s eviction from BB fair?

So yes, Saravanan was evicted from Big Boss’s house, as a not-so-shocking turn of events. Big surprise. Given the crime that he did, to me it was the best decision BB took. My only question would be why they didn’t do this sooner. Looks like they decided to play their cards based on the side the winds blew.

Though BB’s slow decision wasn’t a surprise, the way many people looked at his eviction, surprised me. Strike that, Angered me actually. I am shocked how people feel this is an unfair decision, and act as he is a “good” guy who hasn’t done anything wrong! Their only view being Saravanan, “chithappu” as he is fondly called, shouldn’t be punished based on a mistake he did so many years back. Especially when he apologized (‘falsely) to public for something he did as a youngster. Maybe we should let all the molesters in jail apologize to public on TV and let them go scott free, right?!

Oh wait, don’t you dare tell me that this wasn’t a big mistake. ‘It wasn’t as if he groped her or did something even worse’. It’s your sickening mentality people which make guys act the way the do!! Wake up, its NOT ok to touch a person without their permission. Treat it like a crime. Treat it the way you would react when you see this happen to your sister or your mother. They are all women.

You talk about forgiving them because they apologized for a mistake done years back? Talk to the molested people, any one of them, they would remember when exactly they were molested, by whom, the exact place they were sitting or standing, the exact feeling they felt then, and the anger they have stored in them for not having reacted in the way they should have reacted, because they were too small to know how to respond! Ask them what they would do if they met with the person who did this them, and most likely you will only hear people blurting out that they will kill them or strike them hard. So yes, it is fair that he should be punished. Eviction from BB’s house is actually let him go light.

And no, people are NOT over reacting to this. We are opposing to not only Saravanan but to the likes of him, the millions who roam freely having done an unspeakable thing (in Saravanan’s case,strangely he was speaking about it) whereas the women, the targets, the victims are affected for their lifetime.

Still not angered by this? Think this is not a big deal? Will give you a task, in BB’s words. Imagine a 26 year old guy is in bus standing close to a college going girl. In the crowded bus, he tries to go close to her, rubs against her, in an attempt to touch her boobs. She moves away and deep into the bus. He follows her slowly, and again rubs his privates against her legs. In a shock turns but he has disappeared and she is not able to react in the way she has seen it happen in thousands of female oriented movies. This guys snickers in his mind about not getting caught and two days later he behaves the same way to another girl. This time a younger one, a 10 year old who is standing hugging the rail, wearing an innocent frock which she though she looked like a princess in, while he rubs his privates against her. Is your entire body seething with fury?? Just because he apologized, would the girl be able to erase her troubled memories away in a second, or would you as a father forgive him now?

The problem with guys like Saravanan, and all the others who support him is that the face of the helpless girl who has been molested by him never come to their mind. They think “a sorry” will solve the problem, as easy as cleaning spilt milk off the floor. No it doesn’t work that way. You know about Saravanan, having seen him for 50 days, but you haven’t seen the girl who has been harassed by him. The girl might remain haunted forever and maybe if you had seen her in big boss too, you might sing a different tune. So yes, Saravanan has to be evicted for something that he did years back, because people need to know, he needs to know that it is NOT okay to misbehave with women, at any time.

For all those saying, “You don’t even know what he did, maybe it was a just slight “urasal”, Thappula enna sir banniyan size mari, small,medium,largenu. I urge you to read this regarding rape culture. When you don’t think what he did was wrong, you are actually promoting rape culture!! Don’t be a part of it!!

And when a mainstream media, a show which almost everyone watches everyday, telecasts a guy saying proudly/innocently,call it whatever, that he had misbehaved, wouldn’t other guys be taking such a behavior as “normal” too? That is what rape culture does. 

Treat all misbehavior like a crime. All crimes need punishment. So yes, Saravanan deserved eviction from BB’s house, the least punishment for this crime. தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர் தர வாரா.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 9

    Well said ! I cannot agree more!You brought back all those ghosts ! I have not forgotten the person , place and what I felt as a small girl. And I don’t think anyone can .it was JUST a touch as many would say it. I know how fast I ran when I knew something was not right! He might have realized his mistake who knows but I never had a CLOSURE!

  2. Khoushik T Thiruppathi
    August 12

    You wrote all this to justify his eviction from BB? All the fierce wordings to settle down for eviction from a show. If this a post to educate and create awareness about rape culture then eviction from a show isn’t enough. Grow up

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