All in the game

“That’s a dumb show, can’t believe you still watch this”, jeered Yega.

 “It’s all a mind game you know….get you all riled up over people’s antics, make you tune in for more craziness every day, and while your BP rises, their channel’s TRP rises, their sponsorship grows, their ads multiply, all thanks to people like you. Yes, don’t stare at me, you waste an hour of your precious time, while those on screen get paid nicely for every day they show their face to you. Tch, tch, people who value their time will never fall prey to such shows which turn them to zombies”, she kept going while her roommate Anu flung the remote on the couch and stormed angrily to her room.

“Good, finally she has come to her senses”, grumbled Yega, as she stretched her legs and changed channels to watch India Vs South Africa T20 game, cheering loudly for her favorite player to hit a boundary.

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