“Lady of the Night”…for my lady

Every evening, right after his work completes at 5pm, Abhinav takes his car and drives until he reaches the Deep Woods area of Mexico. It takes an hour, sometimes longer if there is traffic, for him to drive up there but he never complains. All that he could think of is to get to Deep Woods fast. 

He has been doing this for over 3 weeks now. Ever since that day Aaradhana mentioned this was her favorite spot in the whole world it became his favorite spot too. The same routine followed today as well. He parked his car outside Deep Woods, locked it and into the Woods he went. It was a beautiful evening for a walk. He could feel a pleasant breeze on his face. He loved this place. It looked like it had rained that afternoon. Water droplets could be seen on all leaves and the smell of wet woods was relaxing his senses already. He marched on still further. 

Deep Woods…now did Aaradhana coin that name? I don’t remember if it was her or me, thought Abhinav. And then came his favorite spot. Their spot. The woods had given way to a clearing and there was a small waterfall falling from a ledge above. There was a whole yard of flowers present just beside the waterfall, where the water landed and splashed. Aaradhana loved those flowers thought Abhinav. Now what did she say they were called as? “Ah Orchids!” shouted out Abhinav, forgetting that he was all alone.

The waterfall created a spray of water when it touched the ground and when it mixed with the smell of orchids, it was heaven on earth. “I could just die here”, thought Abhinav. “Hmmm..what a lovely divine smell of orchids. It reminds me of Aaradhana” thought Abhinav. “Lady of the night! was what she called this particular orchid. Hmm, it had such a unique smell to it..and when the twilight breeze blew the watersprayed fragrant flower right by his shoe, Abhinav couldn’t resist picking it up. It had an deep lily fragrance to it..and when sprayed with the water from the falls it smelt so fresh and intense.  He remembered Aaradhana mentioning that this flower gave out this heavenly perfume mainly in the evening and hence the name Lady of the Night…everything about it was sensual.

This was her favorite flower and this perfume just reminded him more and more of her. It had been 3 weeks since she left to India for work purpose. So everyday for the past 3 weeks Abhinav kept visiting this spot to enjoy the fragrance of this heavenly orchid in the beautiful spot. The entire area near the orchids was smelling so wonderful. Laying right beside the falls, the fragrant flowers looked so bold and beautiful, and the fragrance it emitted just made a person swoon with love. “Just like Aaradhana and the effect she has on me”, thought Abhinav. “Secretive, bold, intense, sensual and the ability to make me swoon”, he mused. Like the orchid. Everything about the fragrance reminded him of her and made him wish so much to be with Aaradhana. He came to a sudden decision “Next week I should travel to India and propose to her. We have been friends for so long!”. It could have been the intense fragrance that made him dizzy with love but then he had finally made up his mind.

Before he left, Abhinav plucked another orchid with water droplets on it to take it home. “If only someone had made a perfume or freshner with this same fragrance I would have proposed to her with that as a gift. Hmmm, I should definitely go and submit a blog entry about it to Godrejaer at http://www.godrejaer.com/“, he thought. “Lady of the Night’ for my lady” was the last thought he had as he jumped into his car with a smile. 


This is an entry for the contest #InspireAFragrance on IndiBlogger. 

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