Alive, together, one last untold love story.

I knew it would come down to this one day. Just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. My friends and I were all captured and kept hidden in the same place. I still don’t know what happened to my family. I can only pray they don’t get captured too. I knew my fate as soon as I was born. I have grown to accept it. But now I fervently wish I could get some more time on earth.

So what changed, you ask? its just’s just that I didn’t expect to meet “him” here! I first saw him in a place, er..I forget the name, but I do remember it was crowded. But I remember him so well…he was fair and tall and so handsome. I have seen guys like him, but never bothered to take a second look. But this time it was different, he turned towards me and looked at me. It looked as if he was smiling. Or perhaps it was all in my mind, I don’t know. Probably he was looking at my color, I am dark-skinned when compared to him. So I looked away. When I looked again, he was gone. In a flash. 

And exactly a day later, I got captured along with my friends to be in this dark room. Like I said, I knew it was bound to happen. Everyone whom I knew was getting captured by someone or the other. It’s common in our community, its our fate to be captured and killed. So it didn’t come as a big surprise to me when I was taken away. But what shook me most was seeing him kept captive in the same place! Or at least I “think” its him. They always keep us in a dark room you see. A bearded man switched on the light the first time we entered the room, but then its darkness again till..til the time they take one of us out to sacrifice. Yes. It’s been like that forever. Everyone talks about freedom, but we never know what that is. Its always been captivity for us. 

Anyways, that is not my biggest worry right now. I am just curious to know whether it was him I saw in that brief second. The bearded man was shifting some of them from the top floor to our floor for some reason. They were all tied up and were facing the other side, but it immediately struck was him! My lost love!The same physique..he was a little bruised..but still looking so fair and beautiful. But in a few min, the bearded man shoved him back again to the top floor. Just before leaving, my love turned and looked at me. Yes, he remembered me!! I was jumping for joy, in my mind at least. 

So now, I can only hope the bearded man brings him again to my floor. I just hope we get to see each other at least once…before either one of us dies. Everyday, they take one of us out the door. We don’t see them ever again. Oh God, if there ever is a God, I pray to you please let me see him one last time before I give my life! Oh how I wish! Sigh. Every time, the bearded man opens the door, I try to push myself to the back…just to give myself a little more time. I think my friends know. They seem to stand in front of me whenever the bearded guy comes in..perhaps they are trying to buy me more time.

Yesterday they took away one of our roommates..and accidentally kept the door open for a few minutes. And I saw it happen. They were video-taping him being killed!! Oh my God! The shudder I felt that night, I just couldn’t sleep. Wish I could make the image disappear. I could see the glitter of the knife. It all got done in a moment. And…and everything was being video-taped. There was a mustached guy doing this act. He was talking some gibberish when he was doing so. I could hear nothing, just the image of the knife coming down was etched in my mind. Why do they have to video-tape this!! My friends said they do so to get more people to watch and understand. What’s to understand?! I wish they would stop torturing us! 

I don’t remember what day it is. The mustached guy opened the door and was looking around. Since our floor had a lot more space, I think he was bringing some of them from the top floor to us. Oh how I prayed! I don’t even remember the last time I prayed so hard..not even for my life. I was praying my love was still alive and he could stay in my floor. And I think God heard my prayers this time. My love was alive!! And he was pushed to my floor along with few of his friends. The mustached guy closed the door and left. Even in the darkness, my love seemed to glow. He was so fair!! I knew he could see me. A lot of people were between us but still..I felt I was near him. He was looking at me all the time. Words weren’t necessary. I knew both of us were happy to see each other. Alive. Together. One last time.

I don’t know how long we were like this. Just looking at each other as if we were the only ones on earth. It was really hard to move towards each other. I told him it doesn’t matter. Not through words, we just seem to know what each other felt. I knew he felt the same way towards me. Just looking at each other was enough. I never knew this was love. Sigh. It does feel wonderful.

The dreaded man again. This time it was the bearded one. I shudder every time they open the door. I was praying so hard they don’t take him. But fate had other plans I guess. The bearded man came for my friends. He grabbed each one of us..I was shivering, I was the last at the back. Before the man could grab me, a shocking thing happened. My love rolled himself over and fell on the bearded man’s feet!! My love was willing to sacrifice himself instead of me!! Oh!! I just couldn’t believe what was happening. I’m guessing the bearded man was a little shook up himself too. He didn’t understand what made this tall guy fall down at his feet. It was a mystery to him. 

And..the bearded man took him away. It all happened in a second. Before I could understand what was happening, the door was closed. I got one last look of him being taken away. I was sitting there in a daze. In a few seconds, the door opened again. It was the bearded man again. He came in looking for me. Of course, they usually kill us all together. My friends were out the door. So it wasn’t strange that he came back for me. I went along this time bravely. 

They took me to a bright room. There were lights on top. It was a little hot in there or perhaps it was my imagination. I was searching for my love. I immediately spotted him on a stage-like ground. There was a video camera facing the stage. I was placed right beside my friends. They all moved aside..seemed like they wanted to give us some space. They didn’t have to..I could only feel his presence in the room. We had a moment. A quiet moment. And we spent it just looking at each other. Like always.

The bearded man came over. It looked like he was in charge of the video camera. He was beckoning the mustached man to come over to us. And so our fate lay on the mustached man’s hands. We waited with baited breaths. The mustached man was saying something to the camera, I wasn’t listening. Just a few more seconds before my death. And then suddenly a miracle happened. As the mustached man stooped over to pick something up from our “stage”, our friends rolled over and gave us a hard shove. I rolled out of control towards my love and we both fell off the stage. The mustached man was surprised for a moment and he stopped talking and looked at the bearded guy for instructions. Meanwhile my love and I were too stunned to move. The bearded man gave directions. This time I heard him good, “The radish is already dirty, it fell down once already. And the eggplant is a little mushy after that fall. Discard them in the trash and continue cooking the rest of the vegetables. The video should look good in the food-blog! Go on dude!”. The mustached man gave us a look and threw us away in the trash. Saved. Another life. With my love. Thank you God. Thank you my friends.

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  1. Anonymous
    July 23

    Nice one Paddy !!

    • padhs2k
      July 30

      Thanks Rams! 🙂

  2. kv
    July 23

    Hi Paddy.Your maturity is to the core.Vegetables are having life and you could understand to their feelings.
    Really my gilrl friend made me to know that it is between vegs.U know who is my girl friend?
    Continue to think since u r creative.Bye for now

  3. Good one, Paddy! Now that you have put these thoughts in my mind, how can I pick a vegetable for dinner without feeling guilty??!! 🙁

    • padhs2k
      July 30

      Hahaha…I know right, now vegetarians can’t complain about us non vegetarians 😉

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