While she was thinking about all the dirty dishes she’s got to clean, another was thinking about how to afford the Sabina powder for next month.

While he was worried about whether the 10 kg rice they have in pantry would be sufficient for the next lockdown, another was worried about whether the 1 kg rice given by NGOs will be sufficient for the next 2 weeks.

While she was feeling suffocated staying indoors for the whole day, another fell down suffocated due to inhaling the styrene gas that leaked from industries..

While he was feeling frustrated about missing his teen birthday party with friends, another forgot that it was his birthday as he continued to walk home to his village.

While one is frustrated because his wants aren’t met, another is struggling because his needs aren’t met.

While they considered the plight of some people and made sure Swiggy and bakery shops function on a conditional basis, they failed to think about the plight of others who were separated from their family and have decided to walk home.

While they were worried when they can ever go to the salons, gyms, malls and theaters, the others were worried what they were going to do for their livelihood now.

While he bought a lot of disinfectants to clean his house and the vegetables he eats, another was sprayed with a hose filled with disinfectants.

While they were wondering when they can ever have a vacation to an exotic place, others (16 migrant workers from MP) who were walking to their village, slept on the railway tracks and were killed under a train.

While they who were returning home from abroad were placed in hotels- turned-quarantine centers, those who worked for daily wages were placed in facilities which didn’t even have proper toilets.

While he was stranded abroad, not being able to make it for his mother’s surgery, another was stranded on the road, with no food for 4 days, without any idea of the state of his family.

While he stood outside and rang the bell for the essential workers, he was walking home to his village having no idea that he was also an essential worker.

While they were afraid of being affected by Corona virus, the others….were also afraid of being affected by Corona virus.

But who cares? The others came to visibility for some time, and have gone back to being invisible again.

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  1. Clement Williams
    May 14

    Nice post. The other side that we don’t see or choose not to see.

    • padhs2k
      May 15

      Thanks! Nice to see you here! 🙂

  2. Neelamegan Packirisamy
    May 15

    The last point/paragraph is the ever permanent with the others who became visible for sometime and again became invisible. The determination the other made to come up in life became invisible once he reached the short goal of visible of his family/friends and his determination to come up became invisible and so on excellent dissection. Continue.

    • padhs2k
      May 15

      That’s true.

  3. Hema Reddy
    May 20

    Same kind of a feeling! Though the helping hand of the partner felt little soothing they were the ones who prayed sincerely for the maid to return .

    • padhs2k
      May 22

      🙂 True that!

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