Nothing to write about

What do I write about?

I just had the feeling that I wanted to write something, but I really didn’t have anything pressing on my mind currently. Which is surprising because I have several thoughts running wild, most of it unnecessary, but still occupying it’s own comfy room.

So yes, I wanted to write something. Maybe I could write about what’s happening around the world, but I am not in the mood for that.  Or I could write about something that I have read, offer a piece of advice along with it. But see, too many people already have so much to say about every single thing on Instagram. Everyone is an expert all of a sudden. Nothing to complain though. Some of them do offer gems of wisdom at times, but unfortunately they seem to evaporate the instant I move on to the next activity. Maybe it’s just me. I do feel Instagram is where it’s all happening, blogging seems so old style.

So why am I blogging, you ask? A guilty pleasure. Nothing else. I could write about what’s happening in my life though. Offer some tidbits, like the recent vacation that I took with my friends but I don’t really want to though. We did have fun, and I had one night of awesome sleep. Oh my, did I just write that? I guess you can really tell that I am nearing a particular age, when I am oohing and aahing about sleep. But it was unbelievably good. Let’s move on though.

I got nothing else. Ciao until next time.

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