Moonlight talks

It’s 7pm. Ms is sitting by the beach looking pensively at the waves.

Mr – Dooii, sorry! Waiting long?

Ms – Nope, just an hour.

Mr – (sheepishly) Geez sorry babe. As usual my manager asked me to look into an issue before leaving.

Ms – You know, if you want me to forgive you, you’ve got to at least come up with a unique excuse. You have used this excuse thrice this week already.

Mr – Ha ha..ok my valentine, are you still angry with me? Hmmm, next time I will definitely earn the best boyfriend award from you, deal?

Ms – (mutters under breath) Next time..hmm, I doubt that will happen..

Mr – Did you say something? Hey you seem to be very fidgety..what’s up?

Ms – Hmmm…well..I..actually don’t know how to tell you..I have been wanting to talk to you about this for at least a week..but didn’t know how to bring it up..

Mr – Ah, I knew it! It seemed to me as if you were jumpy this whole week but I shrugged it off thinking it must be my imagination. So out with it, what’s happening?

Ms – see..we have been seeing so less of each other lately…and I hate fighting with you everytime about this..

Mr – Hmm..okkk…so what do you want me to do? Do you want me to be on time every day..? My stupid company sucks you know..

Ms – (sighs) I know..I’s not your mistake.,.(wrenches her hands nervously) but ..but..I don’t want to live like this anymore! I mean..every evening it’s like, you either end up arriving very late and we have just one hour for ourselves, or you call up to say you won’t be be able to make it as a P1 issue came up..that’s how it has been for the past 2 months..oh I don’t even know when we both had a decent conversation last!

Mr – (stares at the ocean hard) It’’s my new project requires more of my time now..

Ms – I know..I know..but this project will go on like this for a year right?

Mr – (gulping a lump in his throat) Hmmm..that is what I said, right. So…I still don’t know where you are going with this..

Ms – (nervously) There is this guy in my office…some weeks back he jokingly said we got talking, the other day we both went out

Mr – (choking back tears) Ok,..I do know where you are going with this now..

Ms – (nervously wringing her fingers) Oh! you do? guess you know what I am trying to say then..

Mr – Yeah…but I just can’t believe it..

Ms – Why not? I think we deserve this…I have tried hard to make this work..but the last 2 months showed me this was taking a toll on my heart.. Soo..em.

Mr – (quietly) So..

Ms – Ok..I will do it now. So..will you marry me and be with me forever?

Mr looked up sharply and only then noticed that she was holding a bright blue box open. There was a ring inside and Ms seemed to be looking at him with eyes that were both nervous and longing for an answer.

Mr – (laughs and quickly wipes a tear that fell on his cheek) Ha! Whew! Oh! I..I. thought..I…oh God, are you really proposing to me?

Ms – Hmm..yes dumbo and you still haven’t answered..

Mr – hmm…that that a platinum ring?

Ms – Ok..time’s up.

Mr – (smiles happily and gives her a hug) Oh yes, my valentine, I will, I will! Just one more thing..

Ms – Yes?

Mr – I love you.

Ms – (smiles) I love you too.

And in the light of the moon, Ms proposed to Mr and they lived happily ever after!

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