Kadaaram kondaan – worth watching in amazon prime or theater?

I seriously wonder what the hell was Vikram thinking when he agreed to star in “Kadaram Kondaan”. I came out of the theater dazed, but what stunned me was the reviews that I have been reading about KK, after I came out. Kadaram Kondaan, was a good action film. If you go expecting it to be a “Vikram” film, you are sure to be disappointed. If you go expecting it to have a taut screenplay, meh..the person beside me was yawning, a person two rows in front kept checking their phone..truth be told, it was not so gripping like the reviews stated. So here’s my honest review, if anyone is interested.


Akshara Haasan and Abi Hassan are the married duo, and they get involved in a gangster’s plot.Vikram tries to save himself and help out Abi while he is at it. The bad guy gets slayed in the end.  That’s all folks. No, I am not saying this in a nutshell, that’s all there is to it. Many scenes were a drag, and kept us hoping the second half will get better. First half went with us wondering where this is going, second half kept us hoping to see some Vikram power with every passing minute.

Not to beat about it, check out the Pros and Cons below, and decide for yourself whether it is worth going to the theater. My verdict – down below!



1.Vikram is present all through the film, but it feels more like he has a guest role for him. It’s more of an Akshara and Abi film. Vikram could have been easily replaced by another actor in this Akshara and Abi starrer.

2. The movie moves in an up and down pace for an action movie. Right from the opening scene, where Vikram keeps slow-running for a long time, to the scene that immediately follows it, kinda sets the mode for us. Down and Up. But down again. There is this scene, where Abi calls a cop to inform his location, and you would expect the cop to be in a hurry to get there, but there she is, talking slowly to him, making sure he heard her right, and then gets in the car. So many things, I don’t want to let out spoilers.

3. Some let downs which shouldn’t have been there when KK is supposed to be this cool badass guy who has trained or worked with the cops (that’s what he is I think. It’s confusing who KK really is!). Another scene, where you see Vikram in his room, checking out all his weapons in the drawer, which gives you the feeling something incredible is to be expected, but the next scene was a buzzkill. Or the scene where the cop takes the revolver so slowly and aims when Vikram has already left the scene. It’s no longer the ’80s guys.

4. . Vikram’s eyes act so well in a scene and leave us wanting for more of him.  I know it’s an action movie, but they could have used Vikram to do more than just walk, run, sit, lie down, fight. His acting prowess was not put to use at all.

5. Felt good about the women cops, but the plot for both of them was again a let down.

6. Nepotism in film industry is high in the North. This film reminds us that it is taking over in the South as well. Both Akshara(Kamal’s daughter) and Abi (Nasser’s son) are nice actors, they try, but there’s nothing much to write about.

7. Wish there was more dialogues for Vikram! For all the whistles that could be heard for his opening scene, all Vikram says in this full movie can be fitted in half a page.

8. Why are there tattoos on Vikram?! Wish there was some backstory to Vikram for us to get attached to his character. Reminded me of Thoongavanam.

9. Story was taken fully in Malaysia, so maybe the “area feel” was missing.

10. The climax made me wonder whether I was watching a TV serial instead of a movie.


1. Vikram’s Swag look.

2. Vikram’s Swag look.

3. Vikram’s Swag look.

4. The fast paced action sequence involving Akshara Haasan made me sit up. She has acted so well in this scene. The end to it was a classic touch. “Scandal” touch, if I may add.

5. The way the second half takes place entirely in one building. These scenes were handled good.  Sure to remind you of Thoongavanam in some places.

6. Lastly, Gibraan’s music. Sets the pace throughout.

My personal Verdict – A let down for a “Vikram” movie. A good action movie which shouldn’t have used Vikram’s face to drag people to theaters, making them feel disappointed. It should have been marketed as a Rajesh Selva film, and it was great at being that.

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