“I can’t breathe”

While we are stuck at home thinking about another day in lockdown, another African-American, George Floyd was murdered cruelly by a white police officer, in Minneapolis .

Who killed him – a police officer, Chauvin, but there were 3 other police officers who were around and did nothing. 

How was he killed – A police officer, Chauvin, pressed his knee on George Floyd’s neck and kept it there for about 3-5 minutes. Even after repeated pleas from George that he can’t breathe, Chauvin didn’t release his knee. George Floyd died right there under the knee of Chauvin.

Why was he killed –  Per the police officers, they were investigating a case of “forgery”.  

Did he resist the police – No.

Was he armed – No.

So then why was he killed – Your guess is as good as mine. 

The video of George Floyd dying under the knees of police officer, Chauvin, would make anyone go raging mad. It shows a clear case of police brutality, prejudice of white police against African Americans, and how black lives don’t matter to the police. The video clearly shows the man struggling to breathe. He keeps saying, “I can’t breathe”, but yet Chauvin continues to push his knee down on the neck of George Floyd. The onlookers keep telling the police to take his knee away, and that George is not able to breathe. But Chauvin doesn’t do it. Only when a gurney comes there, he releases his hold, and George is placed on the gurney. After the video goes viral, the 4 police officers on the scene, are fired from their job. 

It makes me so furious, and downright depressed at the same time. Maybe when you see the video you will understand. How many African American lives have to be killed before this police brutality will stop??? This is madness. People are protesting violently in Minneapolis, where this crime occurred. They are demanding justice. I lost the meaning of what justice is at this point. 

A similar kind of murder occurred in 2014. Eric Garner, another African American, was approached by NYPD police officers on suspicion of selling cigarette packets without tax stamps. After he repeatedly said he did not sell them, and that he was tired of them harassing him this way, officer Pantaleo did a choke-hold on him, which means he was choking Eric Garner’s neck with his arm, while Eric was down on the ground, pleading that he can’t breathe for 11 times before he went unconscious. The medical examiner ruled Garner’s death a “homicide”. According to the medical examiner’s definition, a homicide is a death caused by the intentional actions of another person or persons; the use of the term does not necessarily mean that a crime was committed.

I forgot to add, they didn’t indict Pantaleo in the beginning. After repeated protests from people, Pantaleo was fired “five” years after Garner’s death. So, yes, I don’t know what justice is anymore.

I wonder what crap the medical examiner will come up with for the death of George Floyd. I couldn’t breathe seeing the video of him on the ground. I felt like I was being choked. If it was me in George’s place, I wouldn’t have lasted 2 seconds. Can you imagine his last moments? His parent’s trauma? He didn’t deserve to die. Why did he die btw? Because he was born of a particular color? Because he didn’t have all the privileges which Chauvin had? Why are people exhibiting their power through violence? What goes in their mind?? How can they do this to a fellow human being, one who has equal rights to live in this world as them? It’s downright cruel. That’s all there is to it. 

I mean, he kept saying, “I can’t breathe”…

What exactly is justice at this point? What is justice really?






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