At a Coffee shop..

English translation coming soon..check out the first two in this series Mr&Ms. They are in English ūüôā

Friday evening. Coffee shop. Mr is parking his bike just as Ms comes with her Scooty.

Ms – Hi da! Waiting long?

Mr – Nope, just arrived. Wavelength semaya match aayiruku paar!

Ms РYeah yeah,  athu irukatum..aama epdi office lenthu seekarama escape agite? Un boss thaan 6mani varaikum seata thechitu irupare?

Mr – Avana pathi pesathe, correcta kilambarache oru maila thatti vitaan “can you look into this“nu? No veetla sisterku valagaapu functionu solitu kilambiten.

Ms – Unaku than sisterae ilayeda!

Mr – Athu antha dabra thalayanku theriyathula. Seri vidu vidu, all indians are my bro n sis – unna thavira. yaarkachum engayachum valagappu nadanthutiu than irukum.

Ms – Bros sollu oralavukaachum nambalam, aana ella girlsum appattama sistersnu sonna paaru..

Mr – Yaen, ipo kuda paaru, my eyes only for you. Yaarachum paakarenanu paaru. Believe me baby ma!

Ms – Unaku vaai mattum ilaina..

Mr – Therriyummm..theriyumm..vitturu venaam..hehe.

They both place an order to the lady at the counter and settle down at a table waiting for the drinks.

Ms – Oh, I forgot to ask her about my earrings! Last time I came here, I dropped it here antha Swarovski earring kidaichuthaanu ketkanum.

Mr – Athe poi yaen ava kite ketutu? She doesn’t even pierce her ears. Ask Tejus, she has both her ears and nose pierced and she was there when we¬†came in 2 days back.

Ms – Huh? Ava engelam pierce panirukaanu note pana vera senjurukiya? wait, who is Tejus??

Mr РAthaan, the one always behind the counter. You know the one with the side partition..athan da, ava eyebrows kuda thicka irukume? Lance Armstrongoda yellow ring potutu irupa ava right handla.  Aniku kuda oru blue top and red skirt potutu irunthanu ninaikaren..

Ms – (blinks) Adapaavi!!!

Mr – Hehe Ilama, unaku nyabagam varanumae elaam sonen..mathapadi na yarayume paakarathillai.

Ms – Seri na epdi irunthenu sollu aniku?

Mr – Ne azhaaaga irunthe.

Ms РUnnalaam nambi love paniten paaru..antha Tejusoda DOBum, veetu addressum koduthidu, poi paaka solidren.

At the same second, the waitress (Tejus) brings their drinks. Along with it a folded paper.

Waitress – Hope you enjoy your drinks! And here is my home address sir. My date of birth and other details are on the sheet as well. Let me know soon what you think.

Ms Р(blinks) Daiii!! Ennada nadakuthu inge?! 

Mr РHey wait nillu pogathe! She was giving her resume to me, en company receptionist jobku apply panra! sona nambu! Pogathe!

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  1. Anonymous
    September 27

    I wonder why would you give an English title to a Tamil blog, it looks well written but no point in trying to get people reading it if they know just English, bit cheeky, getting hits like that ūüôĀ

    • padhs2k
      September 27

      Thanks and welcome to my blog. It’s not entirely a Tamil blog, it’s mainly in English with a few articles in Tamil. Because you see I am a Tamil lover who also happens to love English :). But I do take suggestions, and yours is a very good one, I will consider writing more of Mr&Mrs in English. And will pen some articles in Tamil too because you see, it is my first love ūüôā

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