A 7 day Sandai

Tamil version (For English version scroll down…)

Ms : Sandai kooda ozhunga poda maatiyada nee?!?

Mr : (looks up from his desk, surprised) Heyyy..epadi ne..!?! ne epadi en office kula vantha!

Ms : Un friend Baski than check in panaan.

Mr : Ohh..solave illa avan!

Ms : Right. Athan mukiyam ipo! Oru call illa, oru phone illa, oru message illa…

Mr : (murmers) Call, phone rendum onnu thaanma..

Ms : Enna? Enna sonna? Louda sollu!

Mr : Illa..call illa, phone illanu sonela..rendum onu thaanu solla vanthen. Serii…ethachum kudikariya?

Ms (stares) : Yaenda..yaenda ipdi iruke? Last Friday evening sandai potum. Iniyoda 1 week aaga pothu. 7 daysa ne pesalayenu na ore feelingla iruken…Ne enadana entha oru effectume ilama, paneer venuma, poison venumanu.

Mr : Mmm..ne mattum Goundamani counter adikalam..

Ms : Na nerla vanthuruken! Ne varala. Yaenda…unaku oru call pananumnu thonala?

Mr : Friday ne thane ‘pesathe en kudanu’ sonna..

Ms : Hello. Aniku, ipove kalyanam panikalamaanu kuda than sonen. Athu nybagam irukathe unaku? Udane ore dash mari pesi sandaila poi mudinjathu. Ipo enavo na solrathellam apdiye ketkara mari scene podathe.

Mr : (smiles) Paara. Ne sonathe ketaalum thappu, ketkaatiyum thappu..hmm..aanalum ne kova padrache..

Ms : Niruthu, kanna nondiduven! 1 weeka pesalaye, ne epdi irukanu paaka vanthen. Seri, phone panala. Ivlo naala pesama irukaale, udambuku etho aagiducho, nerla vanthu paakanumnu thonucha unaku? Poda.

Mr : Yaen, udambu ethum seri ilaya?

Ms : Athu matter illa. Ne kaetiya? Illa vanthiya? Athaan matter.

Mr : Hmm..nejama 1 weeka aachu..work tensionla na etho 2 daysnu ninaichitu irunthen.

Ms : (takes in breath and gets up trying to leave..)

Mr : (laughs and stops her) Seri..seri..iru….iru..enga pora. Utkaru mothala.

Ms : Onum theva illa. Un ramya varuva doubt eduthitu, ava kite pesu, na poren.

Mr : Seri seri. Unga appa iniku oor lenthu entha timeku varaar?

Ms : 4 0′ clock, ipove late aathu, na poi pick pananum..aamaa, unaku epdi theriyum appa varathu?

Mr : Athaan pakkava dress up panitu vanthurukiye, ithuku Sherlock Holmesa thevai? Hmm..apram, kochikathe..but enaku ipo time aathu, oru meetingu avasarama poganumda..but trust me, I’ll speak to you later today okya? Baski una check out paniduvaan.

Ms : Rightu. Athuku kuda vara maatala ne? Call lam pana vendam. Feeling feelingnu onnu iruntha thaane..

Mr : (Blows a kiss in the air to Ms, as he grabs a book and runs in the direction of the meeting room)

Later that evening, at the railway station, after Ms picks up her dad and mom.

Ms : Enna pa, neengalum ammavum thideer visit koduthirukeenga? Enga, ponnu ozhunga work panraalanu paakava?

Appa : Hmm..veetla vachu solalamnu irunthen. Seri pesite nadakalam.. Un friend Mr phone pani irunthaanma. Unna romba seriousa love panratha sonaan. Avanga veetla elarukum okvaam, enayum, ammavayum yosichu sola sonaan.

Ms : (takes in breath and stops short)

Appa : Va, nadanthute solren. Amma ok solitaanga anike, aana na than konjam time venumpanu soli irunthen. Apram nethi thaan, jaathagam kodupanu keten phonela. Athuku avan, jathagamlaam venaam uncle, athula manasu porutham paaka mudiyathu. Enga rendu perukum manasu othu podichunu ore feelinga pesitaanma! Ongi mandaila adicha mari irunthathu. Apram na enna solrathu!

Amma : Enna onum solla matengaradi? Shocka iruka? Enaku munadiye neenga love panreengalonu doubt thaan, correcta pidichen paathiya?!

Ms : (trying to get the words out) Amma…enna..epo..uh…

Amma : Aana, kelu. Unga appa irukaare..avar antha payan kite na decide panitu, ange vanthu sera varaikum, ne en ponnoda pesa koodathu, paaka koodathunu, condition mela condition potaar! Mr gentleman ma! Avan ‘ok uncle, athu onum prachinai illai, kavala padatheenga’nu solitaan. Aana daily enaku call pani, aunty uncle ok solitara, ok solitaraanu kaetutae irunthaan. (pinching Ms in her arm, with a laugh) un kite pesama oru 6 naal iruka mudiyatho payanala?

Ms : 6 daysa..Amma..Epoma ithellam nadanthuchu…?

Amma : Hmm..Saturday panaandi. Main item sola maranthutene! iniku 8 ‘0 clock avanga amma,appa unna paaka veetuku varaanga! Ok thane?

Ms : (with tears ready to roll down) – Therinju iruntha, munadiyae intha sandaiya poturupaene ma..

Amma : Enna sonna?

Ms : (smiling) Illa ma. Onum illa. Time enna ipo..?

English version

Ms : Can’t you at least fight properly with me?

Mr : (looks up from his desk, surprised) Heyyy..how..you?!? How did you come in my office?

Ms : Baski helped. No thanks to you!

Mr : Ohh..that guy! He never mentioned it to me..!

Ms : Right. That’s what is so important now. Come on, not one ring, or a call or a message..

Mr : (murmers) Ring and phone are kinda the same you know..

Ms : What? What was that now?

Mr – No..nothing. Just mentioned ring and call are kinda the same..Okie…want anything to drink?

Ms (stares) – Why da? Why are you like this? We fought last Friday. It’s been a week now. And for all these days, I have been feeling so low and missed you like hell. But you..? You don’t seem to have any feelings at all! No call nothing!

Mr – Hey…weren’t you the one who told me not to call you last Friday?

Ms – Hello. I also told you I wanted to get married to you the next day itself. You fought with me for that, but now you choose to act as if you listen to everything I say! Poda!

Mr – (smiles) So..I am confused now..should I listen to you or not..? But still..you know, when you are angry you look..

Ms – Put a sock in it! I was so down these 7 days, so came to see you..But looks like you were never bothered by our fight! What if I was taken ill or something the past few days? How would you even know that!?!

Mr – Well..were you taken ill?

Ms – That’s not the point. But were you concerned? Nope. That is the point.

Mr – Hmm..well..has it been 1 week really? In this work tension, I assumed it was 2 days..

Ms – (takes in breath and gets up trying to leave..)

Mr – (laughs and stops her) Ok..ok..I was kidding! Don’t leave!

Ms – Don’t bother. You can carry your conversation with your favorite little intern, I am leaving now.

Mr – Ok ok. So when is your appa due to arrive?

Ms – 4 0′ clock..and I have to leave now to pick him up…and how did you know that?

Mr – You look all dressed up like a good girl, so it’s a no brainer, come on! Hmmm..and don’t be angry now, but I got a meeting in few minutes, so I really got to leave da. But trust me, I will speak to you later today, ok? Baski will check you out.

Ms – Right. See, can’t even spare your time for that? Ok, don’t call me ever. I will be busy. For a long time!

Mr – (Blows a kiss in the air to Ms, as he grabs a book and runs in the direction of the meeting room)

Later that evening, at the railway station, after Ms picks up her dad and mom.

Ms – What’s up pa, a sudden visit to see how well I am working or what?

Appa – Hmm..well, I wanted to open this up at home. But ok..let’s walk and talk. Your friend, Mr, called me. He mentioned he was in love with you for some time and wanted to ask your hand in marriage. Looks like his family had okayed it, so he said it was up to me and amma..

Ms – (takes in breath and stops short)

Appa – Don’t stopma, let’s keep walking. So amma was ok with it, but I asked for some time. Only yesterday I asked him for horoscope. But he said, ‘our hearts have matched up perfectly, so why bother with horoscope uncle’. It took me by surprise actually. I was taken by his speech. I said ok immediatelyma! So..are you happy now?

Amma – (laughs) Looks like this is all  a big surprise to you, huh? I did have a sneaky suspicion of you both earlier, looks like I was right!

Ms – (trying to get the words out) Amma…what..how..?

Amma – And listen..Your appa acted like a pakka villain when Mr called di. He asked Mr to not call you or meet you until he arrives in town with a response. Your Mr was a gentleman. He agreed to everything appa said. But everyday without fail, he kept calling me and asking me whether your appa has agreed to this. (pinching Ms in her arm, with a laugh) Can’t exist without talking to you for even 6 days huh?

Ms – 6 days? Amma..When did he call you now?

Amma – Hmm..Saturday ma. Oh by the way, Mr is going to be bringing his parents over to your house for a visit today evening at 8. That’s ok right?

Ms – (with tears ready to roll down) – I should have had this fight with him months back..

Amma – What was that ma?

Ms – (smiling) No..nothing ma..So what’s the time now?

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