Shopping day it is.

@ the mall

It’s a Saturday and Mr & Ms are spending their evening “window-shopping” in a mall. 

Ms – Let’s just walk by F21..I am not going to buy anything, just wanted to see if there’s any sale going on..

Mr – Right, right, nambiten(I believe you).

Ms – No really. These people always have a before-D-day sale, during-D-day sale and an after-D-day drives me crazy. How do I know they even lower their prices before the before-D-day sale starts? So can’t hurt to take a peek.

Mr – Wow, enna brain. You should start a PI agency on your own.

Ms – (angrily gives a ‘look’) Hmm, probably I should just get the MK bag we saw earlier, the one that was ‘NOT’ on sale and never will be. Just so that I can save yourself from making another mokka joke.

Mr – seri,seri here’s your F21 shop. Go your duty calls, hehe. I will grab a drink at Starbucks, so will see you in 15min here?

Ms – No no wait! Just stay with me please, it won’t take more than 5 min..want to take a just a peek you see. We will go together to Starbucks.

Mr – (sighs) ok, go do your thing, I will call X meanwhile.

Ms goes from rack to rack, looking at tops..Moves on to skirts..then dresses..then jeans..then tops again.. After 15min, Mr finds Ms. Ms has around 10 items in her hands.

Ms – (sheepishly) I just wanted to try them..won’t be my style might not even buy them. But I want to try them on..why don’t you grab a drink. Actually once I finish with this, I want to check out the HM, AE and BR shop ..they are all in the same area why don’t I call you and we’ll find each other later? I don’t know where I will be.

Mr – Exactly what I..

Ms- Yes, yes, you were right, okya? 

Mr – Btw, are you going to be buying anything from all these shops or are you going as a PI agent there as well?

Ms – Innum polaya?

Mr – lol. ok call me when you are done.

After 45min, Mr comes to F21 and finds Ms.

Ms – What??!! You never called! How did you know I would be here at the same place?! 

Mr – Of course. I know you.(hastily adds on) would always stay truthful to one thing.

Ms – Yeah nalla mazhupu..anyways I am done, lets go

Mr – wait where’s your shopping bag?

Ms – No actually, I didn’t like anything in there..let’s try somewhere else

Mr – (blank stare)



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  1. Anonymous
    July 13

    lol!! but we do end up buying at least one thing I thought? andha time spend panninathukavathu 😀

  2. Kamini Santhanagopalan
    July 13

    lol!! but we do end up buying at least one thing I thought? andha time spend panninathukavathu 😛

    • padhs2k
      July 13

      of course kams!! but only after raiding the second shop 😉

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