Nothing has changed

What’s on my mind? The 2 teenage girls who were raped and left to hang from a tree in a village in UP. A deja vu of Baudan case in 2014. While we watched Article 15 , applauded fiercely, gave awards for “best story”, “best actor” and so on…nothing has changed anywhere. Whenever I write about such topics in my blog, I always wonder how am I going to change anything or anyone by writing here. It’s not going to be read about by people who actually have to change. 

While we can argue my blog is small, read by a handful of people, but I think the same logic applies to news media, movies or any forms of talk. None of these will change people’s mindset, who do not want to be changed. Fear might, but we won’t go that route, will we.

While it is great to think we are raising awareness to people’s problems by taking movies like Article 15, Pink, Pariyerum Perumal, Kabali, Kaala…people just go the theater, get entertained and come back forgetting the lesson. People argue about topics in twitter, news channels, protest, and voice out in podcast, but nothing seems to have changed. Like it said in Delhi crime webseries, India has only changed for some big twitter people, not for anyone else.

I wonder what dreams those two girls had. One was in 7th grade and the other in 10th. I pray they find their peace. I pray their family doesn’t lose their mind. I wish I knew what system this is. 

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