Different types of Daughter-in-laws – Which one are you? :)

There are so many types of people in this world and every single one has a unique personality. But when we think about daughter-in-laws, somehow the movies and serials have formed an impression that every daughter-in-law is supposed to behave in a particular manner. So this is for you to come out of that dream and check out few of the many different types of DILs who exist today! 

1. Type 1 DIL – Who runs on “Yes aunty!” mode always.

The “Yes aunty!” type. These DILs say yes to everything their MIL says but later complain about it to their parents. They can never get the courage to voice out their opinion to their MIL and remain mute. This type1 people usually are worried that their husbands will hate them if they speak against their mother and so decide to just nod to everything and later cry (read pulambufy) to their parents instead. I think this type1 variety is running fast into extinction mode (thank God for that!). 

2. Type 2 DIL – Masca, Masca a.k.a. always a MIL-pleaser.

This type of DILs love to please their MIL all the time with the hope that there will be fringe benefits to it later on. In other words they think life will be easier for them if they act this way. “Aunty, I would love to go to your son’s grandma’s second daughter’s cousin’s wedding that’s half-way across the town! I will definitely wear the beauuuuuutiful heavy silk saree you gave me earlier! “. Sigh. I really wonder whether they would have attended any of their own grandma’s second daughter’s….ah forget it. But you get the idea, right? 

3. Type 3 DIL – “Husband says, wife does” DILs.

This type is an interesting one. There are some husbands who have an idea of their own of how a mil-dil relationship should be and decide to help out their wives by offering age-old suggestions to get on their mother’s good side. These DILs even if they hate it, try to don the “movie-type-good-DIL” hat, just because their husbands asked them to. So these DILs wake up early (or rather, are woken up by their hubby, who almost immediately goes into deep slumber mode) go to the kitchen and try to help out the MIL with half-asleep eyes. And if anything goes wrong in the kitchen, guess who will take the brunt of it…yep, the husband -“You made me get up so early and do this, see what happened!“. 

4. Type 4 DIL – The Goody-goody movie type.

These super women go to work, help out at home in the evening, include their MIL in all their couple dinner/movie dates and don’t ever make big decisions without getting the nod from their MIL. And they do all this happily. Is there ever such a person, you ask? Well, if it’s easy for you to believe MILs can be the goody-goody movie-type characters (like Saranya in most of the Tamil movies) then of course goody-goody DILs definitely exist! 😉

5. Type 5 DIL – Speak out their minds and face it out.

Probably many DILs in the recent years fall into this category. This type of people, instead of remaining mute and fighting their battles in their minds, voice out their opinion directly and face the situation. They typically speak out to their parents as well, so they remain the same after marriage too. Whatever happens they shrug it off easily and move on with their life without any care. The cool, strong ones!

6. Type 6 DIL – The Transformers : Helpless DIL –> angry wife.

These are a little common as well. This type of DILs would like to say a lot of things to their MILs but know it is of no use, so decide to transfer all their frustration to their husband. Husbands never like to play this game, so these DILs remain helpless but they silently work on transforming their energy into becoming strong women warriors. Kind of like a dormant volcano, you never know when they will erupt!

Hmmm…that’s all I can think of currently! Didn’t think this many existed? Haha..in fact I might have missed a few…if you know any other type, let me know and I can add on! I think a daughter-in-law becomes one of the many listed above, based on how the family treats her. So treat her like a family and she will treat you like one! Lastly…pssssttt…tell me…which type are you? 🙂

Coming up soon, the different types of MILs..brace yourself people! 😉    

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  1. Anonymous
    August 7

    one more DIL you have omitted ie DILwhich they have transfered their anger against MIL to their wards. it is very intresting to read the above types of DIL.But very painful.I wish to say only that be TYPE 5 DIL and true to ur conscience

    • padhs2k
      August 11

      Good point. That would fall under Type 6 as well, who shift their anger to husbands and children 🙂

  2. Thenmozhi satyamurthy(chitthi)
    August 8

    Hi, You have not mentioned about FIL who is always make a major role play in between MIL and FIL.

  3. August 11

    My wife belongs to the 4th category.

    • padhs2k
      August 11

      Cool! Well, Kudos to your wife on being one of the super women…and kudos to your mom for helping her be a super woman 🙂 They go hand-in-hand you see. And welcome to my blog!

  4. August 15

    Never considered this in this way, DIL in different types, wow great…

    • padhs2k
      August 22

      Haha..thanks! 🙂

  5. Anonymous
    September 28

    Thanks that women themselves deny the super powers of CAN DO iT ALL.

    • padhs2k
      September 28


  6. October 8

    One more type , I think exists. That’s the one that transform from Type 5 to Type 1 😉 Due unavoidable circumstances !

  7. There is one more type called “not-so-nautanki” (well, I coined the namec :P) DILs who treat their MILs just the way they treat their close relative (in a good sense), speak the differences out, adjust at times, listen before arguing, and above all live in peace! 🙂 Having said that, to be that DIL, the MIL should be the same type too!

    • padhs2k
      January 21


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