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Pssst…English version of Mr&Ms is right below Tamizh version.

Tamizh version

Saturday morning. Ms is busy with her office laptop. Mr walks by her, sipping tea.

Mr – Hey..Saturday poi yaen office laptop nonditu iruke?

Ms – Yeah..project delay panite irukaanga en teamla. Naanae eduthu panathan mudiyum mari iruku. Kadi. Sighhh….iniku nerya work iruku.

Mr – Seri..ethachum help venumana sollu.

Ms – Hmmm..seri intha code konjam troubleshoot pani correct panen.

Mr – chumma pechuku kaeta, atha poi seriousa eduthukitu! Nammaku nerrrrrya vela iruku.

Ms – Athellam aaniya pudunga venam, ne vanthu ithe paaru. Dei, sema brilliantda ne…ne ithe pana, oru 1 hourla pani mudichiduva. Na pana 2 hrs aagum. Time save panromla. 

Mr – Apdi time save pani, oru mokka tv show than paka pore. Chancea illa, neeyae panu.

Ms – Ozhunga lunchkulla mudichu thantha, unaku bisi bela bath lunch panren, okya..

Mr – Hmm..Mela solla.

Ms – (in a loud voice) “Ozhunga lunchkulla mudichu thantha , unaku bisi bela bath lunchku!”

Mr – Shpaaa, un comedy senseku alavae illa. 

Ms – Seri ok. Bisi bela bath and appalam, ipo okya?

Mr – Innum konjam build up panalaame..

Ms – Dei, ozhunga ipove ok solriya, ila thayir satham sapidriya.

Mr – Hmm. Seri odipo. 

Mr – Nandrida! Seri na poi bisi bela bath ready panren.

After ~2 hours..

Mr – Seri done. 

Ms – Hmm, yayyy aatha naan testla pass agiten! Thanks da! Epdiyo, antha special management class eduthathu semaya usefula iruku. 

Mr – Mishkin padam mari pesathe, puriyara mari dabaalnu sollu..

Ms – Last classla sonnanga, most important tip for a manager is to delegate work with positive encouragement and to offer proper incentive for teammatesnu. Athaan chumma unkite test panen. Chumma lololaaiku!!

Mr – (rounds his eyes) Aah..apo na brilliantnu sonathu..?

Ms – (winks) Adapo, chumma comedy panikitu! Sila pala poigal sonnathaan, sila pala kariyangal nadakumnu periyavanga solirukaanga.

Mr – Apdiyae delete panidren, iru.

Ms – Dei,dei, wait!!

The saga continues..


English version

Saturday morning. Ms is busy with her office laptop. Mr walks by her, sipping tea.

Mr – Hey..What? Working on a Saturday?

Ms – Yeah..My team keeps delaying this project. It seems to me unless I take it and complete it, the job will never get done! Sigh. Lots of work today..

Mr – Ok..Let me know if you need any help.

Ms – Hmmm..Well, can you troubleshoot this issue and correct the problem?

Mr – Hello..I asked just out of formality! I’ve got lots of big plans for today! 

Ms – As if! Put your “big” plans aside and come look at this. Come on, you are such a brilliant guy..I could use that. You can finish this up in an hour, but I will take 2hours for me to complete this. I can save time this way right?

Mr – I know that you are just gonna watch a dumb TV show by saving that time..No way am I getting dragged into this ma!

Ms – about this..I will make an awesome bisi bela bath for lunch, if you complete this?

Mr – Hmm..tell me more.

Ms – More.

Mr – Shpaaa, you my lady, have an unmatched comedy sense. 

Ms – Ok fine, will add paapad to it.

Mr – could do even better..

Ms – Dei, either accept this or you’re gonna end up eating curd rice and doing the work anyways.

Mr – Hmm. accepted, now move over.

Mr – Thanksda! I will get your bisi bela bath ready now!

After ~2 hours..

Mr – Ok I’m done. 

Ms – Hmm, yayyy! I passed the test! Thanksda! I guess my Management class is useful afterall.

Mr – Huh?

Ms – You my last class, they said the most important tip for a manager is to delegate work with positive encouragement and to offer proper incentive for teammates. I thought I will try it out on you first. I guess it worked! Awesome!

Mr – (rounds his eyes) when you said I am brilliant?

Ms – (winks) Lol. You believed that? Well, whatever makes you happy dude! 

Mr – I’m gonna delete it all now..

Ms – Dei,dei, wait!!

The saga continues..

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